Friday, 29 October 2021


A RUSAPE man has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for fatally assaulting his son.

Daniel Sarapo (39) of Toto Village under Chief Makoni was convicted of murder with constructive intent when he appeared before Mutare High Court Judge, Justice Isaac Muzenda.

Sarapo accused his late son of feigning epilepsy, and battered him up with a piece of wood.

The boy succumbed to the injuries sustained from the assault.

Prosecuting, Ms Jane-Rose Matsikidze said the deceased, who was 10 at the time of his death, grew up in the custody of his grandmother, Mrs Diana Sarapo (81) — from the age of two until sometime in September 2020.

“Daniel, who had married another woman invited his mother (81), and his son to visit him at his place.

“Mrs Sarapo asked Daniel to take custody of the deceased as he was epileptic as age was also taking a toll on her.

“Daniel turned this down, and asked his mother to continue staying with his son,” said Ms Matsikidze.

On September 22, last year, Daniel was preparing to bath his son in a dish with warm water when he jumped out of the dish, saying the water was too hot.

His grandmother confirmed that the water was, indeed, too hot after having a feel of it.

However, Daniel would have none of it. He vowed that he would deal with the deceased for feigning epilepsy.

“Daniel picked a leg of a broken wooden table, and assaulted his son all over the body.

“He also used his hands to assault the boy. His wife and mother’s desperate attempts to restrain him were fruitless as he warned them off,” said Ms Matsikidze.

The court heard the boy collapsed, and Daniel placed him on the floor. After realising that the boy had died, both women started wailing, but were threatened by Daniel.

They then fled from the scene in fear. On the same day, Daniel hired a car, and ferried the body to the cemetery for burial where a grave had already been prepared.

The boy was quickly buried, and those in attendance quickly dispersed. In November 2020, Mrs Sarapo reported the incident to the police, leading to Daniel’s arrest. Manica Post


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