Thursday, 21 October 2021


A HARARE Civil Court magistrate has granted a peace order in favour of managing director and grandson to the late Waverley Blankets Pvt Ltd owner Victor Cohen, Aron Vico which bars Amanda Berkowitz née Cohen from carrying out violent acts against him.

The order also bars Berkowitz from threatening Vico, using language or behaving in a manner towards Vico that is likely to provoke his peace in any way.

In his application, Vico wanted his aunt Berkowitz née Cohen restrained from accessing his workplace, hurling insults and making any threats of violence against him. Vico claimed Berkowitz shouted at him and insulted him when she recently visited his workplace, therefore he wanted a peace order against her. Vico claimed Berkowitz and himself are involved in several disputes some of which are pending before both the Lower and Supreme Court.

“Furthermore, the respondent has initiated a handful of criminal cases against me, a number of which crumbled before they even commenced owing to the apparent lack of substance inherent in them, “reads Vico’s application.

In her opposing affidavit, Berkowitz told the court that the applicant had no right to bar her from visiting a company in which she is a shareholder. Berkowitz further submitted to the court that Vico was just an employee in a company wherein she is the majority shareholder.

“I am the majority shareholder of Waverley Blankets (Pvt) Ltd. See a copy of the CR2 attached as annexure “A”. Applicant has accordingly no right to bar a majority shareholder from visiting her company,” reads Berkowitz’s opposing affidavit.

She admitted to calling Vico a thief and a gay boy because he allegedly refused to pay her dividends. Herald


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