Thursday, 28 October 2021


School authorities at Lighthouse Institute where pupils stabbed each other in a melee, have said the incident was none of their business.

Last week, a Zengeza High 1 pupil was stabbed in the stomach by a Lighthouse pupil in a continuation of a fight that started at a party over the previous weekend.

The Zengeza High 1 pupil reportedly went to Lighthouse Institute where they turned the campus into a battlefield before being stabbed by the pupil he had fought.

Police confirmed the incident.

In an interview, one of the Lighthouse Institute directors James Sakavapo said the incident did not happen on school premises, while police said it happened in school premises.

“This story is false, I never heard of anything of that sort at this school,” Sakavapo said.

“We only got to know of this incident from newspapers, we never saw the police at our school to conduct investigations.

“Also if the incident happened outside the school premises it is none of our business, we never conducted any investigations at the school because it never happened on school grounds.

“What happens outside of school property has nothing to do with us but if it had happened on our grounds we would have taken the necessary measures.”

Both pupils were armed with knives as they fought and they stabbed each other before the Zengeza High student was stabbed in the stomach.

The police reported that on October 18, 2021 at around 1300 hours the complainant teamed up with six school mates and went to Lighthouse School to look for the accused person.

The complainant had a misunderstanding previously at a birthday party held at Margolis resort.

Upon arrival, they confronted accused and started to assault him.

Complainant was armed with a knife and also accused was armed with a knife.  As they fought, complainant stabbed accused on the left palm and right side of the stomach.

Accused was reported to have retaliated and stabbed complainant with a knife on the stomach.

Complainant sustained a deep cut and was taken to Manyame Park 24 Hours Clinic where he was referred to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital.

His condition is serious and the accused person sustained minor cuts and was referred to Chitungwiza Hospital where he was treated and discharged. H Metro


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