Monday, 11 October 2021


A 21-year-old Zimre Park man on Friday reportedly committed suicide after being accused of stealing a bicycle.

The man, Nelson Dube, was employed as a nurse aide and on the fateful day he called his employers advising them to come home urgently.

He was looking after an elderly man who is suffering from dementia. Close relatives declined to comment on the matter and said they were also in shock.

“We cannot comment on this issue as we are still in shock on why he could kill himself.”

A friend said Nelson might have reacted of  being accused of stealing a bicycle. “There is a guy who came looking for a house to rent and they became friends.

“This guy then later got a room in which he is reportedly to have stolen a bicycle before people started to suspect Nelson.

“Nelson gave his girlfriend some money which was not even part of the bicycle loot.

“But the girlfriend suspected that he could have stolen the bicycle and sold it.

“She posted on her WhatsApp status talking about stealing, kuti kuba shuwa here,” she said.

Added the friend: “The girlfriend ironically started to accuse him to have sold the bicycle but the actual culprit is there.

“From their chats, they were not in good books. He was working as a nurse aide and he called his employer to come home urgently,” added the friend.

Neighbours said: “He was a good guy and he was looking for sekuru here who was suffering from dementia.

“He was a good caregiver, we are in shock,” said a neighbor.

While another source said: “He was not involved in the stealing of the bicycle. Prior to this issue he advised his employers that they will get the keys from his pockets.

“He locked his patient in the house and hung himself .” H Metro


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