Tuesday, 5 October 2021


David Mlilo, a former employee at Tongaat Hullet lost his job early this year due to health complications caused by a surgical blade allegedly left in his abdomen by surgeons who did an operation on him at Hippo Valley Medical Centre.

Mlilo who lived with the blade for three years before his company forced him into early retirement is planning to sue the hospital for compensation.

Hippo Valley Medical Centre Superintendent, Dr Clive Charera initially said he was out of office when The Mirror called him for comment. Later he was not answering his calls. The Mirror reporter then went to Hippo Valley Hospital but was told he was in meetings throughout the day.

“I am not at work at the moment and I am not sure when I would be back. I will have check with the records when I am back,” said Charera.

Mlilo told The Mirror that he was operated to correct a hernia problem on December 18, 2019 but started experiencing worse pain after the operation and his health situation got worse.

Tongaat Hullet recommended early retirement for Mlilo in March this year as a result of his health. Mlilo was employed as a village supervisor.

However, on August 19, this year he was referred to Parirenyatwa Hospital where another operation was conducted by Dr John Dandadzi. The results shocked Mlilio as a surgical blade was recovered from his abdomen.

When contacted for a comment, Dr Dandadzi said he dealt with many operations that he would not remember one specific one. He however, said cases where doctors can leave objects in the body after operations happen but are rare.

Medical cards seen by The Mirror show that Dr Dandadzi removed a cyst ostomy and a foreign body from Mlilo’s abdomen during the operation.

Mlilo told The Mirror that he saw the blade that was removed from him but was not aware how Dr Dandadzi disposed it.

“Apparently I am not at work at the moment and I am not sure when I would be back. I will have to check the records,” said Charera.

“After the first operation my health started deteriorating. I experienced persistent sharp pain until I was referred to Parirenyatwa where it was discovered that a surgical blade was left in my abdomen when I was operated in 2019,” said Mlilo.

He said he needed to sue for compensation since he has lost his job. Masvingo Mirror



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