Thursday, 7 October 2021


Veteran journalist and Deputy Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Publicity Kindness Paradza has said that the radio stations that Government is helping to establish throughout the country are not to be used for politics.

Paradza said this today when he toured Avuxeni Radio Station, the first community radio station in Chiredzi which is expected to be launched by President Mnangagwa before the end of the year.

He said that community radio stations are owned by chiefs and communities.

He warned politicians not to use their money to manipulate community radio stations for their personal interests and emphasised that community radio stations were for community programmes.

“This is a community radio, it is meant for the community. I know politicians will donate their money to the radio station and try to use it as a political weapon. This is not for politics but for the community,” he reiterated.

“Chief (Chief Gudo) this is your radio, its meant for you and your people, we are just here to help you but you are the sole owners of the radio,” said Paradza to Chief Gudo who was the only Chief present at the occasion.

Paradza challenged local authorities to make use of the radio station. Avuxeni FM is among the first six radio stations which were granted licences early this year and Government has been working hard to ensure that they go on air before the end of this year

Chief Gudo, born Mundawu Mukachana hailed the development and said people in the area including chiefs now have their mouthpiece.

The Government donated studio equipment and all other requirements to ensure that the community radio stations are ready to go on air.

Transmedia Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Rufaro Zaranyika said the radio station will cover a radius of 50km.

“The connection will be done in phases and for the meantime our frequency can only reach 50km radius,” said Zaranyika. Masvingo Mirror


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