Friday, 22 October 2021


PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday took a swipe at the country’s detractors and their local lackeys who thrive on the suffering of the people but said despite their machinations, Zimbabwe will be great again.

In an impromptu address to Zanu PF supporters who gathered just a few kilometres from Eureka Gold Mine, which he was commissioning, the President said only Zimbabweans can develop their nation.

“What we want is unity and peace. If we are united in the party Zanu PF, we shall take our nation to greater heights,” the President said speaking in Shona. He said no amount of negativity from the oppositional forces will stop the country’s development, which has gathered pace.

“Hongu kungava nezvimbwamupengo zvinowanikwa apo neapo, kana mwana mumba akaita benzi hamumurashe munogara naye, kana mabika sadza momupa onovata, kana anzwa nzarazve momupa, mazuva achingofamba achipenga hake asi musha uchienda mberi. Don’t lose hope with those who want their country to suffer, who have sleepless nights when they see developments taking place in the country,” said the President to multitudes of Zanu PF supporters.

The President, however, said the rotten apples are in the minority and their voices will be drowned by the power of the masses who want to see development in their country.

President Mnangagwa took a swipe at nations that would want to dictate terms to Zimbabwe especially because the country is now in the hands of its people with the land reform programme that corrected colonial land inequities now irreversible.

“They destroyed our currency during the First Republic and we started to use their currency. However, no country can develop using other people’s currency, so we brought back our money. We are building the economic fundamentals, however, we have crooks in our midst, we are targeting the big fish, we want to build our country,” he said.

Ahead of the SADC Anti-Sanctions Day, the President said sanctions imposed by Western countries as punishment for the land reform are indeed targeted.

“The sanctions are indeed targeted and they are targeting areas that will make the country’s economy collapse but they have failed dismally for two decades because we remain united. They wanted us to starve to death but we came up with programmes such as Pfumvudza that have seen the country recording a bumper harvest.”

The President said this year his administration would avail more inputs to the people to secure food security, while every village will have a borehole to ensure access to clean drinking water.

He explained the Second Republic’s desire to arrest rural to urban migration through modernisation and industrialisation of rural areas. He assured young people of Government’s support in skills development and innovations.

“During the First Republic we used to deliberate and give you projects but as the Second Republic we are saying come up with your projects and we will give you the resources,” he said much to the applause of the supporters who had thronged to be addressed by their leader, a man who has consistently exemplified his servant leadership. Herald


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