Friday, 1 October 2021


A Chitungwiza businessman’s second wife stands accused of wrecking her friend’s marriage of 22 years.

Florence Nyakudya, 44, a secretary under a mainline church in St Mary’s is alleged to have wrecked her 43-year-old friend Massive Mugoni’s marriage to Munyaradzi Mugoni, 50.

Nyakudya is married to a businessman only identified as Makoni.

Her illicit affair with Mugoni came to light after Massive discovered love audio conversations between the two.

Church members are calling for Nyakudya’s ouster from the position of authority following reports that Massive’s marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Massive said she felt betrayed.

“Nyakudya betrayed me by dating my husband and exposing me to physical abuse that forced me to leave my house without taking anything,” said Massive.

“I confronted her about this and she was quick to blame church members for spreading falsehoods while refusing to respond to love audio messages.

“She confirmed seeing my husband behind my back arguing that it was for church meetings and would be provided transport by my husband where people saw them together.

“My marriage has just broken down because of a friend I trusted and she would visit my house; I was not aware that she was salivating to have sex with my husband.

“Hanzi kuita mukadzi wepiri idambudziko nekuti Makoni wacho aimboita nguva asingauye kumba achindiudza dziri nyaya ndisingazive kuti aida kupedzera nyota yake pamurume wangu,” said Massive.

Nyakudya denied the allegations saying the story had been a talk among church members for the past four years.

“I nearly left the church after several church members approached me demanding to know if I was dating Mugoni.

“I never dated him although I know him since we are in the same church but different assemblies.

“His wife was my friend and at one time I shared with her what church members were saying behind our back.

“I knew about Mugoni’s differences with his wife and at one time I tried to intermediate but it never worked.

I later heard that Mai Mugoni had separated with her husband and people were spreading falsehoods that I was behind their separation.

“I confronted Mugoni and he did not want to disclose the reason for his separation with Mai Mugoni and I have some audio messages between me and him where he kept expressing his worry about my own marriage,” said Nyakudya.

Nyakudya told H-Metro that she was yet to inform her husband of the issue.

“I hold a position of authority at our assembly and I only informed our church pastor,” said Nyakudya.

“I have three children and my husband and has one other child and with that background I wanted to protect my church position and marriage,” said Nyakudya popularly known as Mai Makoni at her assembly.

Mugoni, a car dealer denied the allegations describing Nyakudya as one of her church mates not lover as alleged.

“Pawanzwa ma audio wanzwa evanhu vanodanana here? This is just rubbish,” said Mugoni.

“Ndinotadza kuziva munhu wekuchechi here?” he said before hanging the call. H Metro


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