Wednesday, 6 October 2021


A move purportedly meant to reduce unemployment seem to be backfiring for Chipinge Town Council as youths came out guns blazing accusing local authority of taking advantage and using them as cheap labor.

Youths in Chipinge accuse council bosses of being inhumane and consciously offering ‘peanuts’ whilst they get hefty salaries and allowances.

The local authority is reportedly paying ZW$2 for a trench that is one metre deep on its sewer project and has been a major concern for the town.

Youths who attended the ward 5 ‘HowFar?’ feedback meeting organized by Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) in collaboration with TellZim News lambasted town authorities for taking advantage of the dire economic situation local youths find themselves in to exploit them.

“We are being paid peanuts to dig a trench that is one metre deep and we are forced to bring our own tools which is very unfair,” said one youth.

Ward 3 Cllr Mildred Gwinji however, had a different version claiming that the local authority was paying more than what the youths were alleging.

“The money which council is paying for their services can be converted to US$100-150 on the black market, so you can see that council is trying to be fair,” said Gwinji.

However, another youth said the councilor was misleading people by her claims that they were paying over US$100.

“Let us be practical, we want to work but we cannot be slaves. We have responsibilities and council is not being honest by saying that what they are paying us ranges between $US100 and 150. How many meters does one have to dig to reach that figure when in actual fact we are being paid ZW$2 per metre,” said the youth.

Ward 5 Cllr Hamuchineyi Nhengu said council is going to revise the amount and make a better offer with a reasonable amount to those who take the job.

“It is not fair to pay these workers ZW$2. Even the poorest person cannot take that offer because no one can work for that little money.

“We will sit-down as council and discuss the matter. It has been previously mentioned and those responsible are going to increase the amount so that it can sustain people who take up the job,” said Nhengu.

Currently the town is facing persistent water woes and poor refuse collection amidst chaos after the recalling of four councilors by the Douglas Mwonzora led MDC-T. TellZimNews


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