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DISCORD continue to haunt the late Tongai Moyo’s family, 10 years after his death.

This follows reports that his eldest son Peter and younger brother Obert Tongai Junior are planning separate 10th Dhewa Commemorations in memory of the departed sungura legend.

Tongai succumbed to cancer on October 15 2011 aged 43, leaving a deep void hard to fill.

After his death, Peter assumed the leadership of Utakataka Express at a time Obert was still a primary school learner in Kwekwe.

With fans yearning for the continuity of the brand, the Dhewa Commemorations had become a permanent fixture on the showbiz calendar.

Festivities would mark the day and the better part of October before they were interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, it is the 10th anniversary commemorations for Dhewa which are likely to hog the limelight for wrong reasons as the two siblings are planning separate events to mark the day.

“The celebrations will be held on October 15 and in line with the Covid-19 restrictions and regulations.

“We are now planning to hold a virtual performance with the help of our partners.

“As you know, our father was a man of the people and such commemorations mean a lot to the family, fans and the nation at large.

“Since the performance will be help online, it will be a tight programme where we want our father’s legacy to be celebrated,” he said.

Peter, who became a breadwinner at 22, said he was praying for unity among his siblings, fans and various showbiz drivers.

“Events like these are a bit special since they carry pecial memories worth celebrating.

“In my case, I look forward to see my family come together and celebrate as one.

“As the eldest son, I will do my best to unite the faily but my younger brother Obert told me that he was planning to launch his album on the same day.

“I’m not sure how he intends to launch it but I will not stop organising the 10th Dhewa Commemoration gig,” he said.

Asked whether he was in talking terms with his younger brother Obert, Peter said:

 “Obert is my younger brother and that will never change so in every family set up, there are elders and youngsters who should know their position.

“In my case, I love my brother a lot, we talk and that is why I don’t usually comment on what he says in public but these are the right times we need each other.”

He, however, said he would not force Obert to be part of the celebrations if he is uncomfortable.

“I have been criticised over the years for all the efforts I have made to make sure the Utakataka Express brand lives on yet some people tends to concentrate on negative stuff.

 “As an elder brother, I will certainly do my best to ensure that I keep the brand intact, unite the family and whip people in line,” he said.

Buoyed by the success of his fifth album titled Maricho Kwamoyo, which was recorded at KOM Studios by Oscar Chamba, the former footie star vowed to remain focused.

“We can’t afford to lose focus because our fans paved the way and it is up to us to ensure that we continue giving fans the best.

“I have never stopped dreaming since 2013 when I recorded my debut album Mushonga Mukuru, which was followed by Mabasa aMwari in 2015, Mopao Mokonzi (2017) and Mwana WeMurozvi (2019).

“I have been doing this with the blessings of my late father and family so it is now my duty to unite my siblings as we celebrate his 10th anniversary,” he said.

In another interview, Peter’s outspoken young brother Obert said he had own plans for October 15.

“I’m releasing a full album in October that I hope to launch on the 15th of next month.

“The album is titled Dhewa Venyu and it contains six massive tracks namely Mbinga, Titambe Ngoma, My Moyo, Dhewa Venyu, Tsoka yeRudo and Uriko-ndiripo,” he said.

With fans calling for the feuding brothers to at least show solidarity on October 15 by sharing one stage, Obert was blunt.

“I’m a man who believes in long term plans so l had organised for this event (album launch) a long time ago.

“I feel the need to commemorate my father in my own style and I’m sure the same goes for my brother, he has his own plans for commemorating the legend.

“I have kept the album name (Dhewa Venyu) for a while since it was my first song I wrote during my Ordinary Level days and my dream was to name my first album Dhewa Venyu so to me they are plans falling into action,” he said.

Quizzed whether it was hard for the two to share the stage for at least one day, he added:

“I will update the public once my management has makes the position.

“Currently, my management is still making efforts to organise a show for me since it will also be my album launch day.”

Besides his debut album, Obert boasts of four singles and three collaborations.




“I did my first track with Brian Samaita titled Dhewa Vedu, secondly I did another one with Ronnie titled Dzinza Rinokosha, then Chingoziva featuring Chief Hwenje and my first solo track single Cain and Abel,” he said.

Whether Peter and Obert bury the hatchet and move on, Tongai Moyo’s legacy remains under threat.

Family friend, businessman and promoter Cossy Rules has over the years stood by the Dhewa’s family.

He has tried his best on many occasions in uniting the family and they seem to understand his wise counsel.

With the 10th Dhewa Commemorations on cards, people of Cossy Rules are needed for sanity to prevail. H Metro




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