Thursday, 23 September 2021


A TEACHER at a Filabusi Government primary school, who turned his tenant into a lover, is not a happy man because his would-be soulmate is not faithful.

She brings home her other boyfriends and he has been compelled to chase them away each time they set foot in his house. She, on the other hand, argues that her lover is being unfair as she told him of her other two lovers that he claimed he had no problem with.

After Liffat Sibanda (53)’s failed several efforts to win Sifiso Mpofu (40)’s heart, he told her that she would stop paying rent and would be staying for free. Mpofu warmed up to his love proposal and fell in love with him.

However, a daring Mpofu had other lovers and she was audacious enough to bring them home even when Sibanda was home.

Sibanda did not take kindly to that as he felt disrespected and threatened to stab one of the boyfriends named Ncube, who had paid Mpofu a visit. Fearing for his life Ncube ran for his dear life.

After that chaotic day another lover of Mpofu passed by and that did not sit well with Sibanda who chased him away and accused Mpofu of lowering his dignity in the eyes of the community members.

Sibanda abruptly ended the affair with Mpofu. He applied for an eviction order at Filabusi magistrates court.

In his founding affidavit Sibanda said: “My name is Liffat Sibanda, I fell in love with Sifiso Mpofu in August this year.

The problem in our affair started when she allowed her lovers to visit her at home and that did not go down well with me.

I then chased them away. And I want Mpofu to be evicted from my house because she is disrespecting me and her behaviour impairs my dignity in the eyes of the public.”

Mpofu hit back saying when she started staying at Sibanda’s place Sibanda proposed love to her and told her she won’t pay rent.

“Initially I didn’t want to fall in love with him but he sweet-talked me by telling me that I won’t pay rent and I felt relieved because I was paying US$40 per month. I told him that I’m in love with two guys and he said there is no problem but I was shocked when he started to have qualms about my lovers when they visited me. He chased them away,” she said.

She added: “I have no problem moving out of his house but I need three months to look for a decent place.”

Before Filabusi magistrate Abednico Diliza Ndebele made a ruling, he warned Sibanda that it would have been wiser to have resolved the matter out of court because he had seen a B-Metro newscrew in court.

The magistrate granted Sibanda an eviction order and told Mpofu to stay for a month at Sibanda’s place.

“I cannot use the Landlord and Tenant’s Act because you were lovers and your relationship is strained. You have to stay for a month,” said Ndebele. B Metro


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