Saturday, 18 September 2021


Chipinge Town Secretary Susan Dube broke down during her disciplinary hearing on Monday after she clashed with a male witness who accused her of ordering him to carry out a task at night.

Dube allegedly accused one of the key the witness, Paraffin Takemore Sithole of once telling her that he wanted to remove her skirt.

Although Dube’s lawyer Langton Mhungu of Mhungu and Associates declined to comment on the matter, Chipinge Times can authoritatively reveal that Dube broke into tears and had to be taken out of the room by her lawyer to regain composure.

Chipinge council chairman Lovemore Mutimwiyi Mukwapati also declined to discuss the matter with Chipinge Times.

“I wouldn’t say she broke down; it was just that there were issues that were talked about during the hearing. The person who informed you should give you full details,” said Mhungu.

The hearing took place before a tribunal presided over by Kudzanai Maguchu of Dube Manikai and Hwacha. Chipinge Town Council is represented by Tariro Tazvitya of Bere and Brothers.

Dube allegedly broke down as Sithole employed as a fault clerk was giving his testimony against her.

The hearing heard that Sithole was ordered by Jeffrey Mwakachieyi, a waste and water superintendent to take out some council pipes from the storeroom and they were to be taken to Dube’s farm.

Sithole insisted that he would not take out the pipes in the absence of Mwakachieyi but when Mwakachieyi later arrived at the storeroom, Sithole had knocked off. Mwakachieyi reported Sithole to Dube for failing to take instructions.

It is alleged that Dube then phoned Sithole asking him to go back and take out the pipes but Sithole refused arguing that it was already late and there was a curfew. A quarrel broke out and Sithole then allegedly asked whether Dube was trying to make him sleep at her house.

Dube allegedly found the statement sexually abusive. The presence of Sithole in the witness box is said to have kindled memories of the statement and she broke down.

The said pipes are at the centre of Dube’s abuse of office charges. She is accused of taking the local authority’s pipes without authority and using them on her farm.

“Yes she cried when Sithole testified against her. Proceedings had to stop for some minutes while her lawyers attended to her. The hearing was told that Dube broke down because on the day the two quarreled, Sithole allegedly told Dube that he wanted to remove her skirt. Sithole is refuting the statement,” said an impeccable source.

Mhungu told The Mirror that all witnesses in the case have since testified and the lawyers will file closing submissions that are due next Friday and the ruling is expected within a week of that. Masvingo Mirror


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