Wednesday, 29 September 2021


A bus driver killed his wife in full view of his two minor children in Ushewokunze on Monday night.

Tinashe Paunosvisva, 41, was reported to have struck his wife Ronah Masango with an axe several times and fled the scene.

Masango’s body was left on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood. She was 40. Police removed the body and took it to Sally Mugabe hospital for spokesperson Eunice Kaitano said one of the two minor children aged five and nine had to be rushed for a rehabilitation session after being traumatised by the heinous act.

“This man is heartless, he struck the wife with an axe all over her body while their children watched,” said Kaitano.

One of the children said they were warned not to make noise and he made sure he started by attacking the deceased on the head.

“He went on to cut the hands and a part from the head and that emotionally affected the children.

“We had to rush one of the children to undergo a rehabilitation process after narrating the horror incident to police officers.

“We were aware of their misunderstandings accusing each other of infidelity.  The wife has been a hard working woman and currently she was vending at Mupedzanhamo market. Nezuro wacho akatombosungwa akaendeswa papolice vakazomusiya zvake wanikwe zvaishura rufu rwake manheru acho.

“Mudzimai akanga avakurara mukitchen murume mubedroom kubva pavhura vana zvikoro nenyaya yekunetsana iyoyo,” said Kaitano.

Paunosvisva, popularly known as Bamufanha in Ushewokunze, was reported to have phoned his brother Francis Moyo, who is the owner of the bus he drives, after committing the heinous act.

“One of my sisters based in Domboshava informed me about Paunosvisva’s call to her after committing the offense,” said Moyo.

“I quickly instructed the bus conductor who was close to his house to rush and see if the claims were true.

“Upon arriving at the house they met Paunosvisva leaving and holding an axe.

“The conductor got to the house and found the wife’s body on the floor in a pool of blood and the children seated in shock.

I phoned Paunosvisva and he told me he had had a misunderstanding with his wife. Hanzi mukadzi ndamuuraya nekuti andituka kuti urimbwa yemunhu ndosaka ndakakupa siki.

“I questioned him for committing that evil act for the sake of being shouted at. My last conversation with him before this matter was to encourage him to work harder since we had acquired another bus,” said Moyo.

Some mourners rushed to save one of the deceased’s daughters from committing suicide from downing rat poison as she wailed failing to accept her mother’s death.

Masango, expected to be buried in Chihota, is survived by five children and her husband who is on the run.  H Metro


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