Thursday, 16 September 2021


PHENOMENAL dancer Beverly Sibanda says the Covid-19 pandemic has made her realise she can easily eke out a living as a video vixen.

She said club performances were strenuous as compared to video performances with a well-knit script.

The 28-year-old says she was managing to put food on the table by starring in fellow artistes’ videos on Covid-19 induced lockdown.

She also said she has been charging fees for promoting other entertainers’ works as well as hyping individuals’ special events through video drops.

She however told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle that she doesn’t regret close to a decade of entertaining mainly drunkards and imbibers in various night clubs.

“It’s unfortunate that there are so many things that we have not been doing in a professional manner over years which are being corrected now,” said he Sexy Angels boss.

“In my case, I’m a talented dancer who has made a name for herself but there are some things that we have been overlooking for years.

“For instance, many people began to look for my services to feature in their videos but then we were charged less or nothing hoping to make a name for ourselves but the tables have changed.

“I’m only realise it now that I can easily make money as a video vixen as is the case with dancers in other countries,” she said.

The dancer who once tried singing and even recorded one album, said versatility and making sacrifice have made her realise her potential.

“For the greater part of the lockdown when most of peers were stranded, I was busy as a video vixen.

“To date, I have featured in a number of videos including Patati Patata alongside rhumba giant Koffi Olomide, Rayvanny  and our own Roki.

“A week ago, Baba Harare and Sulu sought for my services where I featured in one of their forth-coming videos that we shot in Zvishavane.

“Other artistes who sought for my services comprise Enzo Ishal, Simba Majekete who is based in Cape Town, South Africa   among other upcoming musicians,” she said.

Asked how much she was charging for her services, Bev said:

“It’s private and confidential but just know that we are no longer doing charity work.

“It takes a lot for a woman to be attractive from looks, structure and body.

“As such, I can’t afford to do things for free because I’m not growing any younger.

“Gone are the days when we used to be duped under the guise of getting exposure because exposure doesn’t pay the bills.

“In showbiz there are people who benefit a lot by using artists on the pretext of giving them exposure which is unhealthy for us,” she added.

With the Government loosening the Covid-19 restriction under Lockdown Level 4, Bev said she was more than ready for the dance floor once mass gatherings are permitted.

“I’m now more than ready for the stage because the stage remains part of my life.

“I can do anything else but I don’t see myself quitting dancing for good,” said the multiple award-winning dancer. H Metro


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