Friday, 24 September 2021


TENSION is simmering between two Mutare workmates after a boss allegedly proposed love to his subordinate’s wife.

This emerged at the Mutare Civil Court where Lancelot and Gertrude Nyamunokora were seeking a protection order against Tapiwa Saruwaka, barring him from pestering the former’s wife.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato heard the matter and granted the protection order.

The court heard that Saruwaka has been calling Gertrude proposing love to her.

“This man called me several times and is asking me out. He wants us to date, claiming that I am better off with him than my husband. He also badmouths him. Sarukwa is disturbing my peace and I pray that this court protects me because I am not interested in that kind of relationship with him. I am fed up with his conduct and, please, bar him from calling me,” said Gertrude.

Nyamunokora told the court that Saruwaka was taking advantage of his seniority at work to make life difficult for him. Manica Post


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