Friday, 24 September 2021


A NYANGA sangoma is in the eye of a storm after admitting to have supplied goblins and wealth-enhancing charms to a local businessman.

The goblins have brought nightmares to the Kamutate family by causing deaths and misfortues.

The sangoma, Edgegot Matiashe, after being cornered by the businessman, Joseph Nyamusa Kamutate’s nephews to exorcise and cleanse the family, demanded and forcibly took away eight beasts from the family as payment for the services.

Matiashe sold some of the beasts.

However, tables have since been turned against the sangoma after Kamutate filed stock theft charges against him.

Matiashe was arrested and is set to appear in court facing stock theft charges.

Police confirmed the incident that happened in Sarutani Village in Chief Hata’s area, saying Kamutate’s nephews — Lionel Wonder Nyamusa (46), Memory Nyamusa (34), Lovemore Nyamusa (36) and Blessing Nyamusa (43) — were also arrested for allegedly assaulting Kamutate.

The quartet allegedly assaulted Kamutate, accusing him of causing one of the relatives’ mental illness among other misfortunes the family is experiencing.

A villager privy to the matter who requested anonymity, said so tense was the situation that Kamutate could have been fatally assaulted by the enraged nephews.

“The nephews are troubled. Deaths and misfortunes bedevilling the family have left them so agitated. Tempers flared after they realised that their uncle was behind all their misfortunes. Some of the villagers believe in Matiashe’s powers and in turn, he (Matiashe) has been grabbing their cattle as payment for his services.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luxson Chananda said on the day in question, the Nyamusa quartet proceeded to Kamutate’s homestead and challenged him to come out of his house.

“They accused Kamutate of causing misfortunes and deaths in the family. They further alleged that Kamutate had obtained goblins from Matiashe in 1996 which were behind all the calamities befalling the family.

“He denied possession of the goblins. This further angered the Nyamusas and they severely assaulted him. They dragged him to another traditional healer in Mapako where Kamutate was fingered as the source of the family’s challenges.

“The feuding parties later confronted Matiashe who admitted to have supplied Kamutate with the goblins sometime in 1996. He demanded eight beasts for his services which include repossessing the goblins and cleansing the whole homestead,” said Inspector Chananda. It is alleged that when the quartet returned home, they furthered assaulted Kamutate.

“They forced him to release the eight beasts to Matiashe. Under duress, Kamutate released the beasts. His nephews handed the beasts to Matiashe who promised to cleanse the homestead and ensure that the family leads peaceful and normal lives.

Kamutate reported the matter at Nyanga Police Station and the quartet was arrested. Matiashe was also arrested the following day. Investigations revealed that Matiashe had already sold six of the eight beasts,” said Inspector Chananda.

He urged members of the public to consult the elderly or police to solve contentious matters.

He said families should amicably solve any problems than resorting to violence. Manica Post




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