Friday, 17 September 2021


ALLAN Chimbetu says he once lost a fortune in a gold buying scheme to unnamed barons 24 years ago.

Although he never recovered after being duped by the said gold barons, the 49-year-old the 1997 ordeal was part of the trade.

He exclusively told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle of his ordeal as he finalises papers to start running a mining claim in the mineral rich Midlands Province.

“I have always been someone who was multi-tasking over the years even though I was a musician all my life.

“Growing up, I found myself doing anything that could give me quick buck but I almost collapsed in 1997 after losing a fortune to con artists in a botched gold buying deal that I entered in 1997.

“I had successfully mobilised capital hoping to start business as a gold buyer but I got the baptism of fire since I lost both the gold and money,” he said.

He said it took him 24 years to formalise his operations so that he can shift his attention to mining.

“I have reaalised that I need to put my papers in order and trade without fear during the New Dispensation ushered in by President Mnangagwa.

“As such, I have since identified a mining claim in Silobela where I hope to start operations once the paper work has been completed.

“The idea of venturing into mining came after the realising that we have lost our source of income since we used to rely on live shows,” he said.

The Orchestra Dendera Kings who is into buying and selling business said he had no option but to resort to street hustling.

“We are living in a society where artistes are never honoured and valued which has prompted me to become a hustler.

“Zimbabwean fans are good at laughing at celebrities when they meet us stranded on the streets or roadside flagging motorist for transport yet they can’t support us.

“The laws of the land don’t protect us as compared to other countries where piracy is a crime, which is as good as stock theft or attempted murder.

“As long as pirates continue to get lenient sentences, musicians  and fellow artists will remain poorer than ever, which calls for us to try other sources of income,” said Allan who now treats music as a passion hard to resist.

Music wise, Allan said he was working on his six album titled Hero die for release in October.

“I have never stopped recording new music but these days I am dealing with the best as was the case in my latest album Urgent Matter whose launch was sponsored by the last Mr Thompson Dondo.

It carries 10 tracks namely Ndichinge Ndisina Mari, Nhodzerai featuring Suluman Chimbetu, Sorry, Kombe, Mudzimai Akarongeka, Tiverengane, Rwendo, Hello, Nyasha Dzinesu featuring Mathias Mhere and the title track Urgent Matter.

Canada based producer Munya Viali  and Mookomba member Trust Samende co-produced the album while South Africa based Keith Farquharson mixed the project.

Besides Urgent Matter, which was endorsed by many a critic as a triumph, Allan boasts of a rich catalogue of songs after going solo following the death of Simon Chimbetu in 2005.

These albums comprise Sony released in 2006, Professor (2007), Simukai (2009), Covenant (2013) and Urgent Matter last year.

Meanwhile, Allan assured fans that he would not end the year 2021 empty-handed.

He is currently in the studio working on his six album titled Hero.

It carries 10 tracks, which Allan’s camp believes are of superior quality  and worth the wait. H Metro


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