Tuesday, 28 September 2021


AN Epworth businessman is demanding US$5000 adultery damages from his wife’s alleged lover.

Elisha Masango, 35, a shop owner on Saturday dragged Elias Mwayengeni, 40, popularly known as Boss Kays to Epworth police station public relations office accusing him of dating his wife Beauty Chapendama, 28.

Masango and Beauty on Friday turned their bedroom into a boxing ring leaving their faces with scars and Boss Kays was at the center of their fight.

Boss Kays denies the allegations saying his relationship with Beauty was purely business. Masango told H-Metro that Boss Kays has been bedding Beauty since 2017 and upon confronting him he vowed to stop the illicit affair.

“Boss Kays has been a family friend who would help us in resolving my differences with my wife,” said Masango.

In 2017, I discovered that my wife was dating another man by the name Samuel and she apologized and I accepted through the intermediation of Boss Kays.

“That same year Boss Kays lured my wife and they started seeing each other behind my back and he started helping her with business ideas.

“He took advantage of my wife’s weakness following the Samuel issue and lured her.

“He has charmed my wife that he does not want to separate with her despite the warnings I gave him.

“I confronted my wife and Boss Kays and he admitted and pleaded for forgiveness.

“The two continued to date and I discovered it and forced my wife to pack her belongings akaenda kuMbare kunogara amai vake.

“Her mother shouted at me over separating Boss Kays and Beauty arguing that Boss Kays had been her business partner before I married Beauty.

“Beauty’s mother is supporting the illicit relationship since she has been benefiting from Boss Kays’ ideas as well as adding her fleet of cars from stealing in my business.

“Beauty vowed not to leave Boss Kays in front of a family meeting with the support of her mother and I later accepted my wife back considering my three children I sired with Beauty.

“Beauty apologised for bedding Boss Kays akatondiudza kuti vakaenda vese kuHIV testing.

“On Friday I discovered that Boss Kays has been seeing my wife behind my back again and this led me to fight with my wife.

“Kumeso kwangu kudai ndakamarwa marwa nenzara dzake tichirwa ini ndikazomurova akatsemuka padama.

“I phoned Boss Kays and we met at Epworth police station but later agreed to resolve the issue as men.

“I asked him to pay me US$5000 for adultery damages because I am tired of his excuses when he is wrecking my marriage.

“Akarwadziwa nekubhadhara mari iyi anoregera kuramba achidanana nemudzimai wangu.

“Akaramba achienderera mberi ndinoramba ndichimubhadharisa,” said Masango.

Boss Kays pleaded with Masango for four days to come up with a decision over the fine.

“Yea ndakanzi ndibhadhare US$5000 asi ndakakumbira mazuva mana kuti ndifunge nezvazvo,” said Boss Kays.

the men in a meeting

“It is true that I have been asking for financial help from Beauty behind Masango. On the day in question I had a long conversation with his wife and he discovered it.

“The truth is that Beauty is like one of my sisters and for her to be with Masango it’s my help I gave them.  I never fell in love with Beauty; our relationship is business only.

“Masango was not aware that I once worked with Beauty’s mother in Mbare and I had known Beauty before they got married.

“Asi mawonero angu Masango akurasika kufunga nekuti $5000 yacho anoitambira achiti imari yei chaizvo.

“Kufonera mudzimai wake kunoripiswa here? Mudzimai wake ndini ndakamubatsira kuti iye adye asi anomutukira amai vake achivadaidza nezita kuti Alice arikudya mari dzake.

“He is failing his marriage by his loose talk and he even tells his wife that he had sexual intercourse with her friends.

“Is it a sin to give Beauty transport? Masango is very abusive zvekuti Beauty arimunhamo huru chaiyo.

“Saka kana Beauty arikuita zvechipfambi iye Masango wacho anorambirei achimudzosa kumba kwake, uyu anorwara uyu,” said Boss Kays.

Beauty told H-Metro that Masango never caught her red handed and has no evidence to prove his claims.

“We fought on Friday night and I fled to stay with my sister,” said Beauty. My husband has no evidence at all to prove any affair with Boss Kays.

“Vamwe vatinoverenga unowona mapikicha evanhu vasina kupfeka asi murume wangu hapana paakambotiwanikidza.

“I am a hard worker and in business you mingle with various people that include men. To him every man I deal business with is my lover and that is his problem.

“He sacked me from his shop in 2015 and I started selling sadza as a vendor.  Boss Kays is the one who gave me business ideas and I managed to grow faster than him that is why he is fighting me.

“He accused me of bedding Boss Kays, a musician and Samuel as well but he never caught me in a compromising position with any of these men.

“Boss Kays andiudza kuti arikuda kubhadhariswa $5000  ndikati yechii anopenga hapana zvakadaro,” said Beauty.

Beauty’s mother Alice Chapendama warned Masango over dragging her name into his issues.

“It is a fact that I am one of the successful businesswomen here,” said Chademana.

“Kana makambonzwa anonzi makoronyera emuMbare ndini mumwe wacho ndinozvishandira kwete zvaMasango izvo.

“He has been abusing my daughter for some time. Boss Kays is like my son and I knew him before Masango married Beauty that is what he does not know.

“I never used any cent of Masango to buy cars but my own hands,” she said. H Metro


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