Thursday, 16 September 2021


A nine-year-old boy from Epworth committed suicide under unclear circumstances on Friday morning.

Farai Munemo, 9, a grade three pupil at Queensdale Primary School was found hanging on a rope tied to the wooden beam ceiling after being told off by his mother.

Social media reports purporting that the death was a murder and the boy had been hit in the head and hanged by his step mother referred to as “maiguru” were dismissed by both the police and the boy’s family.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told this publication that no foul play report or arrests have been made as alleged by social media rumours that a relative had hit the child with an iron bar leading to his death.

The father also dispelled the rumours saying there’s no ‘maiguru’ in the family and murder allegations are unfounded.

H-Metro spoke to the devastated father Michael Munemo at their home in Glenwood Epworth area who said he’s yet to comprehend how his nine-year-old and first born son is capable of committing suicide.

He said: “Mwana aiterera, but suicide, I don’t believe he could intentionally commit suicide at his age because we know our son very well.

“I could be wrong but it could be spirits behind this or television movies from which he picked up some things because he was too playful.

He added: “On the day, I received a call from neighbours telling me to urgently come back home and I got so worried because they couldn’t tell me over the phone that my son had hanged himself.

“I got home to see my son lying dead on the bed, he was taken down by neighbours and I feel so sorry for my wife who is still crying up to now.

“My son would not commit suicide just because his mother told him off, I am devastated”

Munemo sobbed as he revealed that he was about to cover the ceiling with boards before his son hanged himself to the wooden beam.

“If I had just put these boards maybe this could have been avoided or maybe if he had gone to school but it was his day off from school.

“I got married in 2009 and he is the first born of my three children.

“I want to advise parents and guardians to closely monitor their kids, especially what they watch on television,” he said.

Audio messages from the mother, Felistas Mundere, narrating the ordeal have gone viral on social media.

“I only told him to stop beating up the child and he went to the spare room and he went for good my child Farai.

“It’s hard, I didn’t even beat him up, I wonder what kind of spirit got into him Farai.

“It’s hard to take in because I couldn’t hear him scream or anything, it’s hard,” she sobbed.


H-Metro contacted the head mistress for Queensdale Primary School Mrs Chiripanyanga and she confirmed the incident.

“I cannot say much on this matter, it’s really sad but I can only refer you to the relevant authority, she said.

In an interview, Mental health expert and catholic priest father Tendai Reki Mashayamombe, said it is a mental health issue.

“These are purely mental health issues and one of the reasons is influence from social media and television.

“It’s not the time to blame anyone but to holistically look at the family setup. “It’s true that they know their son but there are other things that they do not know about their son.

“There could be factors and forces unknown to the parents, for instance, his school, friends or neighbourhood, these are the areas that surround a child.

“It’s unfortunate that the nine-year-old has to take his own life but these are the ages that children suffer from identity crisis.

“They even feel guilty when they do something that is wrong and also wanting to be very good is a mental health issue,” he said.

Farai Munemo was laid to rest on Sunday at Zororo Memorial park. H Metro


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