Saturday, 18 September 2021


 For a year, and at least twice a day, 36-year-old Stanford Chitima (not his real name) of Zhombe under Chief Ntabeni, slept with his first born daughter, a 16-year-old juvenile, so that he fulfilled an awkward ritual he had entered with an unnamed witch doctor.

According to him, this ritual would have helped him make huge sums of money at his gold mining claim in Zhombe.

And since January, without missing a single day, Chitima would unashamedly find time and appropriate opportunity to bed his daughter, either before she went to school, at night, or whatever time he would find as long the mother and other family members were out of sight.

But luck ran out for Chitima early this month when, after failing to find appropriate time for the routine rape on his teen daughter, he decided to rape her as she prepared to leave for school.

On the fateful day, September 6 this year, the mother followed her rapist husband to the girl’s bedroom and caught him in the act.

Fictitious as it might sound, these were the perplexing revelations that a stunned Gokwe magistrate was told yesterday during the appearance of Chitima as he faced several rape counts. On his own plea of guilty, Chitima was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the crime by regional magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube.

Five years were suspended on condition of good behaviour, meaning he will serve an effective 25 years behind bars.

Representing the State, prosecutor Mr Kennedy Madakutsikwa told the court that between January and September 2021, Chitima had raped his daughter on several occasions for ritual purposes, without the knowledge of the mother and other family members.

The court heard that for him to fulfil the ritual, Chitima was supposed to continue raping his daughter daily for a year.

He would threaten his daughter with unspecified action if she revealed the abuse to anyone, the court heard.

However, on September 6, the daughter’s mother got suspicious after the father offered to go to the girl’s bedroom to iron her school uniform that was supposed to be worn that day.

She then followed after some time and opened their girl’s bedroom door only to find the father raping her.

The stunned mother then escorted both the daughter and the father to Zhombe police base, where the daughter then narrated that she had been subjected to rape by the father since January.

Police and the community in Zhombe have welcomed the sentence handed down on Chitima, saying society didn’t need such characters.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said they will continue to weed out criminals in society.

“We thank the officers who tracked down the case to its finality. We would like to warn such criminals like fathers who rape their own daughters for ritual purposes that the long arm of the law will catch up with them,” he said.

Chief Ntabeni said the entire community was in shock and welcomed the sentence.

“We are still in shock but we thank the law enforcement agents for a job well done. Such people are a danger to society. How can one try to make money through raping his own child? It is total madness,” he said. Herald


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