Friday, 3 September 2021


THE Rusape 14-year-old girl who was forced into marriage by her grandparents has been reunited with her divorced mother after 12 years.

Her mother learnt of the developments after reading H-Metro and immediately  went looking for her. They separated when the parents broke up and the father assumed custody while the mother went away while she was barely two years old.

Narrating her visit to Tandi Village in Rusape, the woman thanked H-Metro for exposing the child marriage that emotionally and sexually affected her child saying the girl was now in her custody.

“I was touched to read that my daughter had been abused to the extent of being forced into marriage,” she said.

“The H-Metro story was clear to direct me to where my daughter was given in marriage and I confronted Tapiwa and his parents.

“I discovered that my daughter was forced into marriage to Tapiwa who was in another relationship with a girl he and his parents wanted him to marry.

“I was forced to leave my daughter while she was one year three months old when I separated with her father.

“To this day my daughter has no birth certificate and her father is not forthcoming in terms of facilitating her to acquire a birth certificate.

“We signed a document with the in-laws as evidence that I took my daughter from them to avoid issues that I stole her.

“The grandparents learnt about my actions but wanted to protect their relationship with Chitsumba family arguing that if Tapiwa got arrested it would affect them. As we speak Tapiwa is yet to taste the course of justice,” said the mother.

In an interview, the minor’s grandmother Gogo Rebecca who gave her into marriage said Tapiwa vowed to pay lobola and educate the girl until she is grown up for marriage.

“The girl was taken by her mother to Mutare from Tapiwa and I was not there,” said Gogo Rebecca. Tapiwa told us that he still loves his wife and will meet her education expenses while in the custody of the mother.

“Asi tsvakirai kuno haasati abvisa zvake,” she said. Tapiwa’s mobile calls went unanswered as well as his father John Chitsumba’s call.

The minor, besides the sexual harassment she underwent, was verbally abused by her alleged mother-in-law Spiwe Kubocha describing her as a whirl wind that would pass.

The minor is yet to acquire a birth certificate and her father could not be reached for comment. H Metro


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