Friday, 24 September 2021


 PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday made a brief-stop tour of First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa’s stand at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) where he urged children attending an educative Gota/Nhanga/Ixhiba session to take seriously the teachings from elders to lead successful lives in future.

The President, who was accompanied by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and Cde Kembo Mohadi arrived to a rapturous welcome by the First Lady, the elderly and the children who ululated and clapped hands.

He was shown various traditional kitchen utensils on display and dishes that were being prepared by the girls as part of their practical lessons.

“We are teaching the schoolchildren here how they should preserve themselves for a brighter future,” the First Lady said before the President responded saying; “I saw the Vice President teaching the children here yesterday. As children they need guidance from elders.”

President Mnangagwa, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and Cde Kembo Mohadi teach boys how to greet elders during their brief appearance at the gota session organised by Amai Mnangagwa at the ZITF in Bulawayo yesterday

Turning to the boys in the Gota/Ixhiba, the President asked “Are you grasping what you are being taught? Is it interesting?”

In response, one of the boys, Jerifanos Mtekwa, told the President; “We were taught that at this stage, we are still young and must leave girls and concentrate on our studies. We cannot chase after two rabbits at one go.”

Responded President Mnangagwa; “Myself, I come from very long back and I reached this age because I listened to wise counsel from the elders. You should do the same and If you listen to the elders, you will succeed in life and you will also reach this age. I am so glad that you are being afforded a chance to learn,” he said as he left the First Lady’s stand.

In her remarks to the girls while in the Nhanga with the elderly women, the First Lady said it was critical for children to grow up morally upright to avoid humiliating their parents.

“It is our wish for children to grow up morally upright so that they give us a good image as mothers. My children, this programme is about educating you on the dos and don’ts in life. The choice is yours, therefore I urge you to choose your friends wisely, friends who will help you shape your future.

“Look for good friends. Be wary of boys who will lure you as friends when they are aiming for something. Virginity is a once-off phenomenon. Don’t be cheap because you are the destiny of your life. We have noticed that you girls are drinking and smoking intoxicating substances. Is this because of peer pressure nhai vanangu? You need to shape your future now, this is the time. Please listen to the teachings you are getting from elders. Do away with mischief,” she said.

After a separate Gota and Nhanga sessions, the children later regrouped to be addressed by the First Lady.

She urged them to respect elders and shun drugs. Herald


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