Thursday, 2 September 2021


PARLIAMENTARIANS from Matabeleland South Province have raised concern over deportees that are escaping from quarantine and isolation facilities as they risk spreading the Covid-19 pandemic.

In July and August, 233 deportees escaped from the NSSA Hotel in Beitbridge where they had been quarantined.

In an interview, Zanu-PF Beitbridge East legislator Cde Albert Nguluvhe said there was need for tightened security at the quarantine and isolation centres.

“As Matabeleland South Province we have a huge problem especially in Beitbridge of deportees that escape from quarantine and isolation centres. Beitbridge is an entry point for many people and already that puts the people there at risk. It even becomes worse because of people that are escaping from quarantine centres. Some of these people do this because of some rogue elements within law enforcement agents,” he said.

“This matter has to be looked into as it exposes not only the population of Matabeleland South only but the entire country as some of these people who escape proceed to their respective provinces. We can’t have people that are so risky moving around will nilly.”

Zanu-PF Beitbridge West legislator Cde Ruth Maboyi, who is also the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, said there is need to spruce up quarantine and isolation centres so that they could have necessary security features such as perimeter fences and locks.

“Some of our quarantine centres don’t have perimeter fences and doors don’t have locks. This makes it easy for people to abscond. In addition to deploying security personnel there is also need to ensure that the infrastructure is secure. The problem of people who abscond should be taken seriously,” she said.

Matabeleland South provincial social welfare officer, Mr Criswell Nyakudya said they had engaged law enforcement agents in order to tighten security at quarantine centres. He said the cases of absconders were concerning because even if some of the deportees would have tested negative at the point of entry, they needed to go through the entire quarantine period and get tested again before being released to the community as they would have been in contact with positive deportees. He said some deportees initially test negative but test positive later and are moved to isolation centres.- Chronicle


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