Thursday, 23 September 2021


THERE was drama in Nkulumane suburb when one man almost killed his 14-year-old daughter by choking her after suspecting that she had lost her virginity.

The minor was reportedly saved from Coolboy Sikhumbuzo Moyo’s grip by two men who were passing by.

After the incident, the girl’s grandmother, Naomi Ndlovu immediately applied for a protection order barring Moyo from physically and verbally abusing his daughter.

In Ndlovu’s application, the girl also took the opportunity to narrate the horrendous incident: “It was on 11 June 2021, at around 3pm when I was coming from the shops in the company of my friend when I met my father by the gate of our home.

We greeted him and he greeted us back then he immediately told my friend to go away and that he did not want to see her near me,” she said.

She added that as she was talking to her father he began twisting her arm, at the same time asking whether she was still a virgin or not.

“I felt the pain and loosened myself from his grip and opened the gate trying to get into the yard, but he got hold of me again,” she said.

She said her father only released her when her grandmother intervened. B Metro


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