Wednesday, 8 September 2021


AN unidentified man was recently electrocuted while trying to drain transformer oil in Chegutu’s Ward 9.

One Chegutu resident who spoke to H-Metro said people woke up to the loud sound of electricity spark and a male voice screaming for help only to see the man hanging on an electricity pole.

“Around 2am we heard a loud sound from an electrical fault.

“Electricity power got cut off so people thought it was the usual fault, only to hear a male voice screaming for help in the dead of the night.

“We then notified the police who came and called the ambulance and he was taken to Chegutu District Hospital; he was bruised all over the body and his clothes had been burnt and torn,” said the resident.

Chegutu District Hospital Medical Superitended Dr Tonderai Nhende acknowledged admitting the man but could not say much on the issue.

Cases of ZETDC infrastructure being vandalised in Chegutu district have been occurring especially around Rifle Range where transformer oil thieves from Chinhoyi have been targeting the area.

However, a quick response by energy utility has seen power being restored in the affected area. H Metro


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