Wednesday, 22 September 2021


THE baby that was left at maternity ward for some days as her family sought paternity DNA tests in a suspected mix up has been reunited with her mother.

The baby girl spent more than a week at Sally Mugabe Hospital maternity ward after its mother denied paternity arguing that midwives on duty had shown her a baby boy and documents given to her upon discharge showed the same.

Family spokesperson Inviolata Shamuyarira confirmed to H-Metro that there was no mix up as alleged and were satisfied with DNA tests carried.

“We have finally accepted that the baby girl belongs to us and it is now enjoying its mother’s love,” said Shamuyarira.

“Our arguments were based on the documents they gave to the mother upon leaving maternity ward and what the midwives who were on duty had told the mother.

“The hospital carried their DNA tests and we also engaged a private company and the results proved that the baby girl was ours,” she said.

Sources close to maternity ward told this publication that some staff members under maternity ward were suspended following the incident after they failed to convince senior staff on documents which had a discrepancy.

Hospital Clinical Director Hopewell Mungani said the baby was discharged. “There was no baby mix up as reported and we are happy that the baby is now being nursed by its mother,” he said.

However, some women suggested that the mother had a confusion upon giving birth anticipating a baby boy thereby forcing her to give false claims. H Metro


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