Tuesday, 17 August 2021


A Rushinga man was fined a beast by the Chief’s Court after his wife was caught naked performing rituals inside a village mate’s field.

Gabriel Josiah dragged Liberty Kandiye to Chief Rusambo’ s Community Court after his wife was caught performing a ritual in the former’s field.

The accused wife said she was holding prayers. “I saw a fire inside my field around 7pm and I went there and saw Kandiye’s wife. When I was close to her she warned me to stop approaching her.

“I persisted approaching her and I saw three big stones on fire anchoring a boiling claypot while she was naked. I asked her why she was doing that inside my field and she replied that it was a prayer from prophets.

“I was totally puzzled by that act,” said Josiah. Kandiye’s wife was asked again in the court about why they did that in Josiah’s field and she said: “It was a clear place and suitable for my devotional prayer.”

Chief Rusambo evaluated the distance she travelled from her home to Josiah’s field and it was almost 1,5 kilometres and he said it was clear that they left other fields targeting Josiah’s field.

Chief Rusambo found Kandiye guilty of trying to bewitch Josiah and ordered him to pay a beast to him. H Metro


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