Friday, 20 August 2021


STATE Security minister Owen Ncube has threatened to descend heavily on opposition and civic leaders who “invite sanctions from Western countries” under the guise of defending human rights.

He made the threats in Gokwe last week, while commissioning road equipment bought by Gokwe South Rural District Council.

“Parliament will soon punish through appropriate policies and legislation, misguided elements who campaign for sanctions and punishment for the country under the guise of human rights narrative” Ncube said.

“As we move towards 2030, we are aware of political impediments and negative elements who seek to derail the agenda 2030, we know them, let us all shun them.”

He added: “They (opposition) are the authors of all problems in the country through sanctions they campaigned for.

“Be warned, myself and others in the national security super structure will never ever allow such violent malcontents to prevail in our motherland.”

He said government had realised that opposition leaders and human rights activists were behind the suffering of the masses as part of their broader objective of achieving regime change.

“As State Security arms of the government, we assure the nation that we will continue to watch the environment very closely and will ensure we fulfil our mandate of ensuring peace, stability and development in Zimbabwe,” Ncube said.

Zanu PF has been pushing for the controversial Patriotic Bill which seeks to amend the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act to criminalise support for the United States’ Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act and related sanctions on targeted individuals and organisations.

The Patriotic Bill also criminalises criticising of Mnangagwa and other government leaders. Newsday



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