Wednesday, 4 August 2021


AN upcoming gospel musician’s marriage of ten years is on the verge of collapse over dating an illegal foreign currency dealer.

Patience Muzambi, 32, popularly known as Minister Favour in Goshen City Church based in Chinhoyi is alleged to have been dating Raphael Chinama a money changer.

Their shenanigans came to light after Muzambi’s husband Lameck Jairos, 31, discovered love messages and photographs in her mobile phone.

Muzambi took the matter to Chemagamba police base where she recovered her mobile phone that had been taken by Jairos.

Muzambi told H-Metro that Jairos was the one who started cheating on her and was ready to cancel her marriage certificate with him following the incident.

Jairos accused his church leader Apostle Takunda Sibanda of mishandling the matter in an effort to protect Muzambi since she was his employee.

“My marriage has collapsed and I blame our church leader for protecting his business at the expense of my marriage and the flock at large,” said Jairos.

“My wife is employed by Apostle Sibanda as a sales person and also the financier of my wife’s music projects. My wife cheated on me some time back and we reconciled after involving parents since I had no tangible evidence.

“This time I had evidence and Apostle forced me to forgive her again arguing that it was going to affect his business as well as her (Muzambi) music career.

“Saka mudzimai oramba achiita gumbo mumba gumbo panze ini ndichifira yekuti anoshandira Apostle?“Zvakazonyanya kundirwadza ndezvekuti vanozivana naChinama wacho anovachinjira mari yepabasa pavo. My wife is loose but Apostle has contributed in the collapse of my marriage.

“I have since lodged a police report against my wife for threatening me with unspecified action for exposing her and the Apostle,” said Jairos.

Muzambi who released her album Nenyasha denied bedding Chinama and confirmed posing for some photographs with him and exchanging love messages.

“To be honest with you I have decided to approach the High Court and apply divorce because my husband is failing to understand that I never exposed his illicit affairs he did soon after our wedding,” said Muzambi.

“Varume munofanira kuziva kuti ukashungurudza mudzimai anosvika paanozosvinura ipapo haazodzoreka.

“Jairos is feeling the heat now considering that he is no longer gainfully employed and wants to disturb my music career.

“Worse off by tarnishing the man of God and his ministry when he knows better that he was the first to cheat soon after our wedding.

“Yes, I made a mistake at first and he accepted me back but this time inini wacho handichamuda saka ari kurwadziwa nazvo. Chinama is single and has since changed his phone number to avoid threatening calls and messages from Jairos.

“Apostle Sibanda has no connections with Chinama as alleged and Jairos wants to tarnish him for standing with me as his employee.

“I will no longer return to Jairos and be manipulated and abused under his mercy again,” said Muzambi.

The Apostle refused to entertain H-Metro much; however in his messages with Jairos he asked the latter to continue forgiving Muzambi the same way he did in the first incident.

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