Monday, 23 August 2021


Chief Mpakwa of Bikita (born Clemence Mpakwa) who is believed to be in his late fifties faces a lawsuit for adultery after it emerged that the woman who appeared in compromising positions with him on pictures that went viral on social media on Wednesday is married.

Investigations by The Mirror have established that the woman is Sekai Munzvovaniswa who stays with her husband (name supplied) in Duma Suburb at Nyika Growth Point in Bikita, a stone-throw away from Retired Army General Engelbert Rugeje’s house.

The pictures supposedly taken from Mpakwa’s car went viral four days ago sending social media into a frenzy with readers questioning local traditional leaders’ role as custodians of culture and the rampant abuse of power and cars provided to them by Government at the tax payers’ expense.

The Mirror also established that Munzvovaniswa goes to the same Johanne Masowe Church with Chief Mpakwa who is its local leader and a popular prophet in the Growth Point, reliable sources told The Mirror. At Church Chief Mpakwa is called by the name Madzibaba Clemence.

The husband declined to give a comment to the Mirror. Sources however, said he is so shattered he is making manoeuvres to deal with the chief. Munzvovaniswa and her husband are still staying together in spite of the storm.

Chief Mpakwa’s mobile remained unreachable since the pictures went public. A Mirror crew that pitched up at his rural home, 4km from Nyika was told by the wife that he was away in Chiredzi.

She declined to comment on the purpose of the trip.

“He is a chief; I wouldn’t know what his business is in in Chiredzi. I also don’t know when he is coming back, it is therefore not wise for you to wait for him,” said the woman who treated The Mirror crew with suspicion.

The Mirror sought a comment from Chief Chitanga (Feleni Chauke), the Masvingo Provincial Chiefs Council Chairman of the Chitanga Village in Mwenezi who fumed against Mpakwa’s alleged adulterous affair. He accused Mpakwa of abusing the title and wearing the badge of a chief when he was only a headman.

He said that him and his chiefs are yet to investigate on why a headman would tarnish the chiefs name and that they looking for him and were going to discipline him.

The Mirror is told that Mpakwa is only an acting chief who assumed that position following his father’s death three years ago. His term of office as acting chief expired last year and he is only a headman but he has been refusing to let go of the chief’s residence and title.

In the pictures Mpakwa is seen wearing a jacket pinned with a Chief’s ceremonial badge and another badge that has Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa’s picture.

It is alleged Chief Mpakwa as a prophet treated Munzvovaniswa for an undisclosed ailment. Munzvovaniswa then allegedly failed to pay for the service and Mpakwa demanded that the payment be made through sex instead.

There are three pictures circulating on social media and in one of them Mpakwa is seen sucking Munzvovaniswa’s nipple and in another Munzvovaniswa is seen holding the chief’s private part. Masvingo Mirror


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