Wednesday, 7 July 2021


 Gutu – Pfacha Nyanyira (52) from Makanda Village in Gutu, has appeared before Chief Gutu’s court for biting off the lips of a woman she suspected of sleeping with her husband.

The matter in which Letwin Chiwara (63) is the complainant was heard on Thursday last week.

Early this year Nyanyira discovered messages in her husband’s phone whereby Chiwara was allegedly inviting Thomas Makanda who is Nyanyira’s husband to accompany her to a traditional brew at Tarira Village.

Nyanyira’s daughter disguised herself and responded to the message. Nyanyira and her daughter then went to Tarira Village where they spied on Makanda and her suspected lover.

Nyanyira later moved in and dragged her husband back home.

A few days later Nyanyira went to Chiwara’s homestead to ask her about the suspected relationship. They broke into a fight and Nyanyira bit off Chiwara’s lower lip leaving her with a permanent scar.

Chief Gutu said Nyanyira had no right to go and attack Chiwara at her homestead. He said it’s common that man have extra marital affairs and Nyanyira should have confronted her husband instead of attacking Chiwara.

The Chief will give his ruling after hearing Makanda’s side of the story. Masvingo Mirror


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