Thursday, 22 July 2021


A Chiweshe woman whose husband allegedly died in detention at a Bindura Police Station has slapped police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga with a $8,5 million law suit for lack of compassion and support.

The deceased Eugene Marangwanda was allegedly picked by police officers from his Chiweshe home last year in September in connection with a murder case. However, after further detention was granted by a Bindura magistrate, Marangwanda allegedly died in police custody.

According the summons, occasions surrounding Marangwanda’s death prompted the family led by the widow Cathrine Wazvaremhaka, Faith Maranganda, Nokutenda Marangwanda and Nyasha Marangwanda to probe into the circumstances.

The family claim the police officers involved Detective Constable Hukurawa and Detective Chief Inspector Mapepeta negligently caused their loved one’s death after repeated assaults.

The family claims the deceased’s cause of death was ruled as serious injuries and multiple stress after a post mortem.

“The deceased was taken from his home in Chiweshe to Bindura Central Police Station where he was detained.

“He was later taken to Bindura Magistrate’s Court on the 19th of September where police sought a warrant for his further detention. The warrant was granted and the deceased was taken back to Bindura Police Station.

“On the 21st of September, Dzidzo Marangwanda, brother to the deceased received a call from Assistant Inspector Ganye who advised him that his brother had collapsed and died in police custody the previous day,” reads the summons.

The widow also accused the police officers of inflicting bodily harm leading to her husband’s death.

“The family only managed to gain the post mortem results on or about the 2nd of December, 2020. H Metro


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