Sunday, 4 July 2021


ZANU PF Deputy Provincial Chairperson and Zaka North member (MP) of Parliament Robson Mavhenyengwa has said Covid-19 vaccination slips will soon be used as gate passes to party meetings.

Mavhenyengwa was speaking at the Provincial Coordinating Committee Meeting held at Great Zimbabwe University’s Julius Nyerere School of Social Sciences recently.

He said party leadership was supposed to lead by example and get vaccinated first so that they encourage their subordinates to get vaccinated.

“You as the leadership should be vaccinated so that the people you lead will copy from you. How can you encourage people to be vaccinated when you are not?

“Soon we will introduce a system where only those who have been vaccinated will be allowed into our meetings. You will be asked to produce your vaccination slip here as proof to be admitted into the meetings. If you cannot walk around with the slip you will have to scan it and bring the picture here in your phone,” said Mavhenyengwa.

Mavhenyengwa went on to warn party leadership against campaigning for positions saying it was too early for that and said they can only campaign for ZANU PF and the President.

“We only campaign for the party and the President only. We still have our PCC, Councilors and MPs, those positions have people so there is no need to campaign. We will be told when time is rife to start campaigning,” said Mavhenyengwa.

His warning came at a time when a number of people are warming themselves for the PPC positions following the completion of District Coordinating Committees elections.

The guest of honor at the event, Christopher Mutsvangwa who is a Politburo member and Secretary for Science and Technology praised the way people were being vaccinated in Zimbabwe saying a number of countries were admiring Zimbabwe in terms of the vaccination role out.

He went on to say the government was doing its best to make sure that all people get vaccinated saying more doses were coming from China.

“Zimbabwe is among the few countries that have so far managed to vaccinate a huge number of people. Even the likes of Julius Malema from South Africa have acknowledged that. People in Australia and other European countries have acknowledged that,” said Mutsvangwa.

He went on to say the reason why they have managed to progress is because they have partnered China which has been helping out Zimbabwe.

“We have our friend China which has been supporting us since the liberation struggle. They gave us guns and other war equipment to fight for our liberation struggle. So we cannot abandon a friend like that, that is why when we were affected by Covid-19 we rushed to our friend that is why we have been ahead,” said Mutsvangwa. TellZimNews


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