Friday, 2 July 2021


Thousands of people have been left stranded since Wednesday this week after government imposed a level 4 lockdown, which banned intercity travel as they are failing to get transport back to their homes for the past two days.

In the capital, hundreds of people thronged the Harare Exhibition Grounds hiking spot to try and find transport to various destinations along the Bulawayo highway without success.

Dozens were scattered along the Bulawayo highway up to Kuwadzana. “I was here yesterday (Wednesday) because I failed to get transport home because of the suspension of public transport,” a civil servant told NewsDay after spending a second fruitless day looking for transport to Bulawayo.

“I had to walk from Showgrounds to come here at Marimba bus stop. I am now looking for any transport to take me home. I had come to Harare to buy some things, but due to the lockdown,, I cannot get transport back home,” another hiker, who intended to travel to Gweru, said.

Police swooped on the stranded travellers and chased them away from the Showgrounds hiking spot, accusing them of not observing COVID-19 regulations while scrambling for the few vehicles that were on the road.

There are reportedly thousands of travellers that are stranded around the country who were left in limbo by the lockdown.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi yesterday said people travelling back to their permanent homes or workplaces would be assisted on providing proof to the police that it was a genuine case.

“We can’t make a blanket decision to say all people who are seeking to travel are either going back to their permanent homes or workplaces. Each case will be treated on its own basis upon proof of what is being said,” he said.

“We have to see that there are no people who take advantage of the situation. Every person should provide genuine proof and officers on the ground have been told what to do and they will assist.” Newsday


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