Thursday, 15 July 2021


A TENANT from Bulawayo has been sentenced to three months community service for assaulting his landlord for making noise using a radio speaker.

Dumisani Sibanda (45) of Mzilikazi suburb, who is the  tenant, assaulted Skhumbuzo Gwala (46) of Mzilikazi suburb with fists on the chest and on the forehead causing him to seek medical attention.

Sibanda was given three months community service when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Ms Linear Khumalo. He pleaded guilty to the charges of assault.

The court heard that on the June 26 this year, Gwala came home around 9pm and got inside the house with a speaker that was playing loud music. Sibanda asked his landlord  to switch off the speaker, but he refused.

A misunderstanding occurred leading to Sibanda assaulting his landlord with fists on the chest and on the forehead.

Gwala told the court that when he came home he met his nephew outside who asked him to take his speaker box for charging.

“On the 26th of June at around 9pm, I arrived at home where I stay with my tenant. When I was still outside I met my nephew  who asked me to take his speaker box inside the house for charging. When I got inside the house I met Sibanda coming out of his room, he then hit  me with fists on the chest and my forehead accusing me of making noise for him,’’ he said.

The court heard that Sibanda kicked Gwala several times  and he sustained a swollen forehead.

Prosecuting, Mr Milton Moyo said that Sibanda assaulted Gwala his landlord following a misunderstanding.

“On June 26 this year, Sibanda assaulted Gwala with fists on the chest and forehead and he sustained swollen forehead accusing him of making noise for him,’’ he said.

Gwala’s sister and nephew stopped the fight and advised Gwala not to hit him back as he wanted to do so. Gwala reported the matter to the police leading to Sibanda’s arrest. Chronicle





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