Thursday, 8 July 2021


 A National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Marketing Management student, who allegedly faked his death on Tuesday, had no choice but to come out and declare that he was still among the living after the university’s department of marketing issued a heartfelt condolence message to his classmates.

The ‘dead’ student, Simbarashe Maringosi, who is said to have been admitted to hospital with Covid-19 and was discharged on Tuesday, denied that he had faked his own death and blamed his younger brother for the hoax.

“TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I am not a ghost… We have been getting condolence messages from numerous people the whole day who had been misinformed by my younger brother that I had passed on. We got calls from church, overseas, NUST, among other people, who received the circulating message which is not only unethical, but is not based on the truth.

“My younger brother was having my NetOne line during the duration of my COVID-19 sickness. I was only discharged this morning; I did not die this morning. How he linked being discharged and dying is a shock to me. For those who want to talk to me directly, use my Econet number: 0776 207 276,” said Maringosi in a statement that has gone viral on social media.

Mangirosi’s statement was issued later in the day after the Faculty of Marketing’s staff and students had been reduced to tears, with the head of department (Daisy Odunze) penning a tear inducing condolence message.

“It is indeed with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the news of the passing on of one of our own, Mr Simbarashe Maringosi. Simbarashe was an excellent and brilliant student and the excellence extended to his personal life. He was headed to graduate with an overall distinction had he tarried a while longer with us on earth. “I pray for reprieve for the family. May they find solace in our faith in God even in this trying period. And I pray for us all as well. May we live daily knowing that death is a debt we must pay. Implore all of us to take special care and extra precautions in ensuring our safety. Stay home. Maintain minimum contact with people if possible and above all, pray. This, too, shall pass,” read the message.

After discovering that Maringosi was alive, people close to him had no kind words for him. They dismissed his explanation and blamed him for the whole drama.

“I know Simba, he is capable of such drama. There is no way his brother could have lied that Simba had died without Simba’s blessings. In fact, he is lying that his brother is to blame for the sick joke,” said a student who refused to be named.

A close friend of Maringosi said Maringosi had a penchant for theatrics.

“He is not even sorry for what he did and his explanation exudes arrogance and disrespect. Everyone who knows Simbarashe knows that he is the one who faked his own death. It is not funny at all. People are dying of Covid and he chooses to make a joke about it. We have already mourned him in advance. We are pained by this,” said the friend.

Attempts to interview Maringosi proved fruitless as he was not picking his calls. The university declined comment. B Metro



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