Thursday, 8 July 2021


A man who was arrested with his neighbour and detained in a police cell for not wearing a face mask allegedly anally raped his fellow prisoner.

A source close to the case said Prosper Moyo (37) and his 19-year-old neighbour, whose name is withheld for ethical reasons, were arrested this week on Monday at around 01:30am.

They were taken to a police station where they were detained with two other men, said the source close to the case.

While they were sleeping in the cell at around 02:45am, Moyo woke up and sexually assaulted his neighbour.

“He grabbed him by his trousers and tore it. He then had anal sex with him,” a source close to investigations said.

After sexually violating him, Moyo returned to his blankets leaving his victim groaning in agony, said another source who witnessed the incident. The source said the anal sex victim bled from behind and suffered sores.

On the same day at around 8am the teenager reported the matter at Magwegwe police station leading to Proper’s arrest. The teenager was referred to hospital for treatment.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident: “I can confirm that we arrested a 37-year-old man who allegedly sodomised his 19-year-old neighbour he was detained with in police cells for not wearing face masks.” B Metro


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