Saturday, 3 July 2021


A 72-YEAR-OLD BINGA man died soon after being discharged from hospital after a neighbour he had lent a jersey during a beer drink teamed up with another villager to assault him.

John Mudenda who resided at Ms Violet Khumalo’s homestead demanded his jersey back and Robson Muleya whom he had lent it to, teamed up with Mutunywa Siziba to assault him.

Muleya (63) of Kamalumba Village has since been arrested for murder while Siziba of Chinenga Village in the same area under Chief Pashu is on the run.

The three were part of a crowd of villagers that had been drinking beer at Ms Khumalo’s homestead in Chemba Village on June 18. Muleya and Siziba allegedly took turns to assault Mudenda with a half-brick as well as kicking and slapping him.

Mudenda was rushed to Binga District Hospital where he was discharged on Thursday last week before his death three days later.

Matabeleland North acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Namatirai Mashona confirmed the murder, although she could not give details.

Sources told the Chronicle that Mudenda and Muleya had a misunderstanding while drinking beer at Ms Khumalo’s homestead on June 18 at around 3am.

During the confrontation Siziba allegedly approached from behind and struck Muleya with a half-brick on the head and disappeared into the crowd. Muleya turned around and saw Mudenda and suspected that he was the one who had hit him.

Muleya left the place and went home without retaliating. Siziba allegedly later returned to the beer drink and kicked Mudenda, leaving him lying on the ground.

At around 7am the same day, Muleya also went back and confronted Mudenda whom he accused of hitting him earlier. Muleya demanded to be taken to the clinic for treatment.

Mudenda agreed to accompany him and the two walked for about 200 metres from the homestead before a misunderstanding ensued. Muleya slapped Mudenda on the cheek and he fell.

Muleya walked away leaving Mudenda unconscious before some villagers took him to Pashu Clinic where he was rushed to Binga District Hospital.

Mudenda was discharged from hospital on Thursday last week and died on Sunday while at his sister’s homestead.

A report of murder was made to the police and Muleya was arrested while Siziba is on the run. Mudenda’s body was taken to Bulawayo for postmortem. Chronicle


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