Tuesday, 6 July 2021


A local hotel manager stands accused of receiving money to release a visiting quarantined woman on Saturday.

Memory Hunda is alleged to have released Eketina Muza after receiving US$150 from the hotel where she was booked with another lady she came together with from India only identified as Rutendo.

The remaining roommate exposed Hunda after she failed to raise the alleged ‘releasing fee’. Hunda denied receiving a bribe arguing that security relaxed and allowed Muza to escape leaving her passport.

In an interview with H-Metro in the presence of a police officer and Hunda, the remaining roommate accused Hunda of facilitating the escape of Muza.

“It is unfair for Hunda to mistreat me because I failed to give her US$150 she received from my roommate who escaped,” said Rutendo in tears.

“Hunda spent the better part of yesterday visiting our room negotiating with us to raise the money she wanted. My roommate engaged her friends and collected her belongings one after the other handing them to her visitors and finally left the room at exactly 1620hrs.

“Hunda and my room mate communicated through WhatsApp as she removed her belongings. I could not agree with her demand to pay her for our release as if we were found Covid-19 positive.

“Being on quarantine is not being a convict and 10 days are not many for one to buy freedom through illegal way considering the increase in number of Covid-19 positive cases.

“I have no money to waste and that resistance to pay her forced her to deny me a chance to receive my relatives who wanted to bring money for my food.

“As we speak I never ordered food and she is aware of it but is ill treating me and denying me access to have private talks with my visitors. We are supposed to pay for our meals as well as accommodation but Hunda is denying me access to people who can meet the costs,” said Rutendo.

Hunda confirmed Muza’s escape while she was on duty blaming a security officer. “I never received any money from Muza for her to escape although I was communicating with her via Whatsapp,” said Hunda.

“It is true that Muza escaped and all her belongings are no longer in the booked room and she left her passport. I am yet to lodge a police report about the escape and I sent her a message that I was being blamed for her escape.

“These are the messages she sent promising to return from Masvingo. “I will inform you upon her return,” said Hunda showing the WhatsApp messages and Muza’s passport which expires in November this year. H Metro



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