Thursday, 8 July 2021


There is concern that a new and more lethal Covid-19 virus could have entered Masvingo after three different people collapsed and died in different places in the City yesterday morning.

The Mirror reported earlier that two people, one in the CBD and another in the populous suburb of Mucheke D have both collapsed and died at around 9am.

However, the newspaper has since established that there is a death of a woman aged 80 who also collapsed and died in Runyararo West at around 7am.

Health officials who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity said they are on maximum alert for Covid-19 cases as they collect these bodies. The body from Runyararo West was collected by officials from the Ministry of Health and the body was collected at around 10am.

All three are elderly women and The Mirror is told that the Ministry of Health has started contact tracing.

President Mnangagwa recently warned that the virus in the third wave is more lethal although he continues to allow his ruling Zanu PF party to hold rallies, meetings and other gatherings.

The first woman collapsed and died while using a toilet at Landmark Bar at around 8:45am and her body was removed by the Police and Ministry of Health officials at around 10am. The woman (75) from Mucheke D was removed by a Nyaradzo Funeral Services ambulance at around 12pm. Masvingo Mirror


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