Thursday, 1 July 2021


A TRAFFIC police officer has been crushed to death by a Zupco bus in Bulawayo along city-Khami Road near the flyover where the cops were manning a road block.

The bus dragged the female cop for about 30 metres and broke her into pieces.

The police roadblock was targeting vehicles moving towards the city centre direction while the accident occurred on the road with vehicles going towards the western suburbs.

Its not yet clear what caused the accident and cops who were on the scene were visibly shaken following the tragic death of their colleague.

A Chronicle news crew attended the scene of the accident and observed police attending to the accident.

Initially they tried to carry the body to a metal coffin, but due to the impact on the body which had broken into several pieces they could not.

They resorted to laying the coffin by its side and pushing the body into it. Officers and members of the public who were at the scene crossed their hands at the back of their heads while others shook their heads in disbelief.

The police had to cover blood stains on the tarmac with sand…. Chronicle



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