Tuesday, 27 July 2021


Police in Midlands have impounded over 170 pirate taxis and Kombis following the launch of an operation code named Chishika-shika Chapera.

Some of the drivers were arrested and fined for violating the Covid-19 rules and regulations.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said the operation started at the weekend and was still going on aimed at bringing back normalcy on the roads amid reports of wanton disregard to the Covid-19 rules by motorists.  

He said the operation was across the province and by yesterday his office was still compiling numbers of impounded vehicles in other cities and towns in the province so far.

“Zimbabwe Republic Police in the Midlands Province on realisation of rampant disregard of Covid-19 prevention measures and the moratorium on continued intercity public travels by transport operators and private pirate taxis, have launched a blitz targeting these vehicles.

“All motor vehicles found violating the widely pronounced measures are being impounded while persons operating them are being arrested. The operation is ongoing for as long as the measures are in force,” he said.

Insp Mahoko said over the past weekend, the police had impounded 171 motor vehicles. Traffic Police officers profile key tags for impounded vehicles at the station.

“The motor vehicles are currently being held at different police stations while some are being referred to Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) depots across the province,” he said.

Insp Mahoko said Gweru Urban District alone impounded 115 motor vehicles and warned the police were out in full force to arrest Covid-19 rules violators “May the public take hid and comply with the law. We are of the view that members of the public should voluntarily observe the measures to safeguard themselves from contracting the deadly disease which we hear, infections are on a steep increase. They should not wait for police enforcement,” he said. Herald


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