Saturday, 5 June 2021


A man from Chimanimani, Diamond Mupeta and his wife have been sentenced to 11 years in prison each for raping and aiding the former to rape a 14- year old girl.

Mupeta (24), a security guard at Gwendingwe Estate in Chimanimani and his wife Prosperity Marange (20) appeared before Chipinge Regional Magistrate Farisi Chakanyuka facing a count each of rape and aiding to rape respectively.

Both accused are from Satiya Village under Chief Muusha in Chimanimani and they pleaded guilty and were convicted after a full trial.

The State said on April 6 2021, Marange asked for the complainant from her sister as she wanted her to guard her field against baboons. The complainant’s sister agreed to Marange’s request and the two went back to the accused’s home.

The complainant spent the day guarding the field against baboons. Upon return from the field, Marange told the complainant to marry her husband who was sitting in the hut but the complainant rejected the proposal arguing that she was still young.

Marange told her that she was also married when she was young. She then grabbed the complainant’s left hand and pulled her into the hut and closed the door.

In the hut Mupeta pulled the complainant closer and asked for sexual intercourse. The complainant screamed for help but Marange closed her mouth using a blanket and disappeared leaving the two together.

Mupeta raped the girl and told the complainant not to tell anyone. He left the hut and went back to Gwendingwe Estate where he works.

The matter came to light on April 8, 2021 when the complainant was asked by her sister why she was not walking properly.

She narrated her story and the matter was reported to Police leading to the arrest of the two. Masvingo Mirror


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