Monday, 28 June 2021


 TWO men have appeared in court on allegations of erecting an illegal billboard.

Grant Russell (50) and Mark Sthrathen (43) were facing criminal nuisance charges when they appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Shane Kubonera. Mr Kubonera deffered the matter to July 12 for trial.

Allegations are that on December 10, 2020 at around 2pm at opposite Celebration Centre, Borrowdale, Harare the accused persons erected a billboard written, “Cautionary statement to the members of the public. Pomona city. Land subject to litigation. Title deeds for land has been placed as security, case number, HC4599/19, HC5989/19, HC10315. Purchase of stands is at risk of Purchaser.”

The court heard that Russell and Strathern caused false alarm to the public. It came to light that the title deed referred by the accused persons on the billboard being place as security was in actual fact in the possession of the complainant.

The billboard erected by accused persons had contents which were likely to interfere with ordinary comfort or convinient of the clients of the complainant. The complainant reported the matter leading to the arrest of the accused persons. Herald



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