Monday, 28 June 2021


A THREE-MONTH-OLD toddler who was last month kidnapped in the dead of the night in Chinhoyi while her mother was at a local bar is yet to be located.

Several attempts by the 27-year-old mother, Vicky Nyanhete, including countless visits to white garment prophets and fortune tellers, have not yielded any positive results.

Despite many of these claiming that the child is alive and would be returned to the desperate woman in short time, every second passing is giving Nyanhete an uncontrollable fear that she might never reunite with her lovely girl.

The emotionally drenched mother of three told The Herald at her home in Chinhoyi’s Ruvimbo Phase 1 suburb that she has so far visited at least 15 prophets from in and around Chinhoyi town who despite their prophecies of the child being returned to her, have seen Nyanhete either question her leap of faith or the genuineness of the ‘Man of God’.

“All the 15 prophets that I have gone to, have given me countless prophecies which up to now have not materialised.  

“I’m hopeful that I will meet my child but the pain is now unbearable,” she said. She added that even prominent traditional healers from the town have failed to locate where the  child is being hidden.

“We even went to traditional healers who gave the same message that I will have my child within a few days but it’s almost a month now. There were three people who also came to me claiming that they knew where my child was. We even went to the place they claimed the child was but we couldn’t find her,” she said.

As she waits for a miracle, the police are also working hard to locate the child whose disappearance shocked the whole town and nation at large.

The child was kidnapped on May 29 this year when the mother left her with other two of her minor children sleeping in their single-room lodgings in Chinhoyi, for a local drinking spot, where she dabbles in sex work.

As per her routine, Nyanhete breastfed her two-months-old daughter and left her asleep with her two siblings and secured the door.

At about 1AM, she returned home with her overnight client, only to find the toddler missing and the other children shaken. A man is said to have forcibly opened the door and snatched the baby before threatening to kill them if they screamed.  She reported the matter to Cherima police base in Chikonohono high-density suburb less than an hour after the alleged kidnapping and Nyanhete and her roommate, Lyda Kashambwa (34) ended up spending three nights in police cells as key suspects. Herald


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