Sunday, 13 June 2021


 A group of local musicians who helped raise awareness on Covid-19 during the early days of the pandemic were last week rewarded with residential stands in Norton.

Twenty-one people — 15 artistes and six disabled locals — received stands from the Muduvuri Rehabilitation and Empowerment Foundation (MREF), a non-profit organisation.

Among the beneficiaries were Nicholas Zakaria, Somandla Ndebele, Simon Mutambi, Albert Nyathi, Freddy Manjalima, Mechanic Manyeruke, Sulumani and Allan Chimbetu. The foundation is run by philanthropist and businessman Mr Jimayi Muduvuri.

Speaking at the handover ceremony on Friday, Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Deputy Minister Tino Machakaire said he was pleased that musicians were receiving assistance during difficult times.

“I am very pleased that your organisation has come to the assistance of our musicians,” he said.

“Your assistance comes at a time when artistes are not getting much income because of the Covid-19 situation.

“We need to ensure that our artistes, especially musicians, get all the assistance they can coming from the Government side as well as the private sector. I urge more players to come in and assist our artistes during these difficult times.”

Minister of State for Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs and Devolution Mary Mliswa-Chikoka said musicians played a critical role in raising awareness on Covid-19.

“I would like to express gratitude to Mr Muduvuri for what he has done today. Remembering our artistes and the less privileged through giving them land will go a long way in transforming their lives for the better,” she said.

“The role played by our artistes in our lives is of paramount importance, for music is medicine to the soul.”

Mr Muduvuri said he has in the past used music to uplift himself during difficult times. “In 2018, I was in the hospital and I no longer had money to pay for hospital bills.

“Then a certain musician came and prayed for me then sent me a song which carried a strong and very positive message that I was going to be well again. I then called the President asking for money and he gave me the money to pay for my hospital bills, which I did and after being discharged.

“I spoke with some of the musicians telling them how their songs gave me hope, and that hope made me well again.” Sunday Mail


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