Wednesday, 30 June 2021


Greenfuel, a company run by multi-millionaire Billy Rautenbach has given villagers from Chinyamukwakwa Village in Chipinge two months to harvest their crops and leave their forefathers’ land.

Greenfuel was leased the land that was once used by ARDA in Middle Sabi and Chisumbanje and its now expanding its boundaries into areas settled by the villagers. Currently the company has over 40 000 hectares of land.

Headman Chinyamukwakwa and his community are blaming their MP Enock Porusingasi who they accuse of supporting Greenfuel against the people who elected him into office. They also blamed District development Coordinator (DDC) William Mashava and chief Garahwa.

Prof Madhuku said Greenfuel has since given the villagers up until they finish their harvest and the company will then bring everything down.

Greenfuel spokesperson Merit Rumema told Chipinge Times to send questions via email but she did not respond.

“The company accepted that it can not plough down unharvested crops owned by the villagers and has given up until possibly August for them to finish harvesting. We are preparing court papers against this.

“The company is just greedy, if they admire good land, they will just grab it. They are taking law into their own hands,” said Professor Madhuku.

“Who will fight for us when all these people are involved. The MP and the DDC are on Greenfuel’s side. The MP is giving away our land to Mr Rautenbach. We were born and bred here and this is our land,” said Chinyamukwakwa. Masvingo Mirror


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