Sunday, 6 June 2021


Amon Dubie Madawo who has just been confirmed by the Supreme Court as the legitimate AFM in Zimbabwe president has started an audit of all church properties, The Mirror has learned.

Madawo told The Mirror in an exclusive interview that pastors aligned to Cossam Chiangwa’s faction looted church property during the church wrangle and this is being assessed and a statement will be issued once the process is completed.

He added that his administration is also in the process of repossessing any church properties that might still be in the hands of the rival faction and documenting them.

Madao however, said that the process of implementing the High Court judgment is going on smoothly except for a few places where there are pockets of resistance. He encouraged members to come back to church.

“We are in the process of implementing the Supreme Court judgement issued on Friday. We are taking back our assets, repossessing our property and after documentation we will decide on the next move.

“Many pastors who left the Church looted property and we will sit down and see how we can recover it,” said Madawo.

During the wrangle, Chiangwa opposed the presidency of Madao and led a faction pastors and church members who declared themselves as the legitimate AFM. Chiangwa lost his claim in the High Court after a ruling by Justice David Mangota on September 22, 2020 and he appealed to the Supreme Court thereby prolonging the wrangle.

Three Supreme Court Judges Susan Mavangira, Lavender Makoni and Samuel Kudya upheld the High Court judgement.

During the wrangle, the church had two sets of church services with one faction holding service in the morning and the other thereafter. In worst case scenarios the factions held services concurrently with one faction gathered at the front of the church while the other would be gathered at the back.

Pastor Donard Ndoni who is aligned to Chiangwa said he had no comment to make when the Mirror called him.

“Some are still resisting the new order but we are calling upon worshipers to attend church without fear because the law has spoken. In Rusape there is a Pastor Mukaro who is very adamant and is demanding an eviction order for him to move off from the church and he seems to be getting an ear from the law enforcement agencies,” said Madawo. Masvingo Mirror


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