Tuesday, 8 June 2021


 A man, who assaulted his wife together with his mother, has been dragged to court.

Remember Nyamupepe and his mother Simbiri Tembo appeared before Chinhoyi provincial magistrate Tamari Chibindi charged with domestic violence.

The complainant in this case is Nyamupepe’s wife Charlene Kuvheya, 24. Prosecuting, Tinoziva Chipupuri told the court that on May 21, at Citrus Farm in Chinhoyi and at 10pm, Nyamupepe arrived at his homestead while his wife was sitting in the kitchen with her neighbours.

He started shouting at her asking why she did not give their child a hat to wear and also alleging that Kuvheya was a prostitute.

Nyamupepe kicked her twice on the ribs. Kuvheya’s mother-in-law Tembo asked them what had happened and, while Kuvheya was still narrating what had transpired, her husband then started shouting at her.

He accused her of being a prostitute and ordered her to pack her bags and go. Tembo assaulted her on her face several times using open hands and she was saved by neighbours, who rescued her from being further assaulted.

She went and reported the case at ZRP Chinhoyi rural leading to the arrest of the two.


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