Monday, 14 June 2021


Harare lawyer Liberty Mandivheyi, who made the headlines last week after a letter of complaint was lodged at the Law Society of Zimbabwe, was over the weekend dragged to court charged with fraud.

Mandivheyi, who spent the weekend in custody, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

He is back in court today for bail considerations. The complainant is Paddington Munamwa aged 23.

Allegations are that in April, Mandivheyi misrepresented to Munamwa that he was a legal practitioner representing his mother Daisy Hazvinavarwi who had several cases of fraud at Harare

Magistrates Court and went on to demand money for legal fees for representing his mother.

Mandivheyi was reportedly given US$1150 and went to appear at Harare Magistrates Court in court 6 on behalf of Daisy Hazvinavarwi but when she went to appear in other courts, Mandivheyi failed to appear on her behalf which then prompted Munamwa and other relatives to have queries about Mandivheyi’s conduct.

The court heard that Mandivheyi gave excuses and subsequently Hazvinavarwi was remanded in custody but he went on to assure Munamwa that he was going to keep representing Hazvinavarwi and would apply for bail on her behalf at the High Court if they paid him more money.

Mandivheyi was told the family didn’t have any more money but they had a car they intended to use to settle the legal fees and he agreed.

It is alleged that Mandivheyi and his colleague went to Munamwa’s residence in Glen Lorne and took the Mercedes Benz valued at US$5000 as payment for legal fees and promised to keep representing Hazvinavarwi.

On her next appearance Mandivheyi did not turn up as promised and when Munamwa did his own investigations, he discovered that Mandivheyi had no practicing certificate and could not represent his mother in court.

Mandivheyi failed to return the money and the car leading to his arrest. H Metro


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